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Shri H D Rajah
H.D.Rajah's daughter passes away

Mrs. Usha sundaram (19/05/1944) is the eldest daughter and the third child of Shri H.D.Rajah. She was a very charismatic and dynamic person, from her school days and was elected the school people leader in the Vidyodaya's Girls High School, one of the oldest and most reputed Girls schools in Chennai.

She went on to graduate from the S.I.E.T. college for women and proceeded to do her diploma in Business management in Pune securing high credits, after her marriage.

She created history by becoming the first lady stock Broker of Mumbai and was a co-founding Member/Director of the company Libra Holdings Pvt. Ltd., a Stock broking Company comprising of her family members. She continued to work along side her son in the share broking office for long hours every day till the last and was responsible to make it a very successful company.

She gave a lot of love and understanding to all who knew her and formed a strong support to be relied on. She has created a huge void by her demise.

An ardent donor of the Trust, she was always ready to make available funds and contributed regularly for the welfare of Lakshmi Harihara High School.

A striking personality who with her warmth and magnetism, drew every one close to her. She also had great oratory skills and could give extempore speeches that people would listen with rapt attention.

It is extremely sad that her physical presence is no longer with us but her spirit and enthusiasm shall spur us on to achieve great heights for the school.

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