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The Covid 19 has taken a toll in every walk of life. Needless to say, that the impact has been in field of academics as well, where students of lower classes up to Std X, were not allowed to go to school. This has resulted in cent percent results by default. Here, I would like to add, that between 2017 & 2019, for the two years, we have been achieving about 95 percent results on an average. One hopes the worst is over and classes to resume at least by beginning of September 2019, with adjusted admissions and academic year.

The lockdown has not only taught the citizens change in life we live, but has also taught what sort of safeguards one has to take in order to prevent infections. Online education, virtual classroom and similar ways of learning has paved the way in education, creating newer skills of teaching and learning.

Republic Day Function at L.H.High School Elathur
Founders Day Celebration 2017

The H.D. Rajah Educational Trust has pleasure in announcing that this year's Cash Prizes have been awarded to the following recipients, and they are,

1st Rank - M. Kalpana - Rs.3500/ & 2nd Rank - N. Mahendran - Rs.2500/

Our founder H.D RAJA'S 114 th Birthday was celebrated on 31-8-2017. The function was presided by the chairman of the school committee Shri. Harikumar Rajah and the Secretary Shri.K. Sailapathy Sivagnanam

The function was organised by the H.M. Shri G.Vengateswaran. Our P.T.A. President delivered a nice speech about the importance of learning through the mother tongue. School committee member Shri Paramasivan gave a speech about today's students and how they are distracted from the studies He also praised the Secretary's untiring efforts in improving and maintaining the facilities while at the same time lending time in assisting the teaching staff to attain cent percent results.

Teacher Shri S. Murugiah explained about the duty of the student in the society. The senior teacher Shri M. Kalimuthu gave an outstanding speech on the importance of learning in mother tongue and how that leads to better comprehension in all the subjects. Teacher Smt. K.Marieswari has given a speech about the Importance of the education Chairman Shri H.K. Rajah awarded all the teaching staff members with a wrist watch for the excellent work done in achieving cent percent results in the SSLC for the year 2016 -17. The Secretary was also equally generous in his words of praise for them.

Sathya Devi the student of XB, gave a wonderful speech on the glorious days of the founder as a freedom fighter and his achievements.

The members of the Trust thank all our teachers for training the students to give such great song, dance and drama performance and as enacted by them. The achievement in terms of cent percent Results shows how a combined effort undertaken by the active participation of the Trust, Secretary and teaching staff working together like a family can produce the best.

Cent Percent Results!

Such nice words to hear and missed for so many years. This was the first news that welcomed me on the morning of the 19th May when the news of the results came in.

The Chorus, Cent Percent, Cent Percent rent the air in and around Elathur and the Lakshmi Harihara High school.

A resolve was made that we, the Managing Trust, along with the staff members will constantly endeavour to achieve cent percent results for all the coming years by nurturing the talents of every student studying in the school. The function came to a close by singing the national anthem at the end.

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